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Over the years, the health needs of the community have changed. Because of our growing and very active community, sports injuries have become a very common presentation in ED's and GP clinics. Everyone has heard about the long waiting times in public hospitals and the high cost of attending a private ED. Vermont Urgent Care was born out of the need to have an “in-between” service to address this need.

This type of clinic is well established in USA and New Zealand and we hope it will be of benefit to our local community.

Why Vermont Urgent Care?

We offer shorter waiting times than a public hospital ED. We aim to have you seen and treated within the hour.

We are an affordable alternative to traditional private hospital emergency departments which can cost up to $350 just to be registered.

Our clinic is usually staffed by GP's with a special interest in emergency medicine and some are able to perform their own x-rays on site. 

We have a list of On-call Specialists who can provide immediate advice and, if necessary, arrange for early appointments to review injuries and sick patients. 

At Vermont Urgent care, all children below 16 years old and pensioners will have their consultations bulk billed. Please see our fee structure for further details about any out of pocket costs. 

What happens when I arrive?

You will be met by one of our friendly staff who will obtain the necessary information to begin your medical record. Depending on the urgency of your condition, you will then be taken to our consultation room by an assistant or the doctor to begin your consultation. At this time, the doctor will give you an indication of what the problem might be. Should you require further investigations and treatment like X-ray, ECG, suturing or plastering, your doctor will discuss all aspects of the treatment options and costs with you prior to starting.

After your treatment is completed, we will ensure that you have all the necessary information and referrals should you require a follow up.

If your problem is serious and requires more investigation, we will arrange appropriate transfer for you to the nearest hospital ED.

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